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This Is Not Jesus

I cannot sleep tonight and this picture is why. I once heard someone say, “No one has ever gone to Facebook and when they were done stated, ‘Wow! What I just read really changed my mind.’” So, since this is... Continue Reading →

May 5th, 2018 – A Promise Fulfilled

I often remember a conversation I had, when I was much younger, with my Uncle Hector. He shared with me about a common theme often found in speeches when someone wants to express gratitude. In these speeches, thanks is not... Continue Reading →

March 09, 1938

There is something beautiful and powerful about understanding where you came from; your roots and family lineage. When I was younger, I did not have this understanding nor was I making any active strides to find out this information. Sure,... Continue Reading →

January 16, 1957

Fond and vast are the memories I continue to make with a man I have known for my entire life. This man, my hero, is my Dad. My Dad was born in a small remote and rural area of Mexico;... Continue Reading →


I should be doing homework for tomorrow's class or taking a quiz that is due at 11:59pm. Yet, somehow I feel too numb. Today has been a heavy day. Work. DACA. Hurricanes. North Korea. My beloved USA. I am laying... Continue Reading →

June 28, 2002

15 years ago, on a fateful Friday morning, my dear Mama was involved in a car accident that claimed her life and the life of her passenger; a cousin and close friend of our family. I had just turned 12... Continue Reading →

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